Fresh Meat

Bath Roller Derby are not currently recruiting new skaters, but if you're interested in starting to play roller derby, please don't let that put you off!

Even if you're brand new to skating, there's a lot you can do to get up to speed with the sport before you get a place on a Fresh Meat course. We're always happy to hear from prospective skaters, and would welcome you to start your career with our league as an NSO (non skating official at bouts - a brilliant way to get to know the rules!) There's also loads of info below that should help you in prepping, ready for the next intake...

Fresh Meat Material
The homepage for the global association for women's flat track roller derby:

General info

Minimum skills
To be deemed safe and eligible to compete in bout a skater is assessed on a set of minimum skills, our beginners' training will focus on mastering these! A new version has just been introduced (April 2013)


Referee hand signals

Gear info
For roller derby you will need your own kit: quad roller skates (preferably specific for roller derby), helmet, elbowpads, strong kneepads, wristguards and a mouthguard. It's worth reading up on their performance before buying!

Buy gear UK

Second hand
Both these facebook groups are great for second hand derby gear:

How to videos

Watch games


Derby media

Other leagues

Thank you to Jet Reckless from Bristol Roller Derby for having this put together!

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