Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Player Spotlight: Hell Cat

Skate Name
Hell Cat

Skate Number

Why Did You Start Roller Derby?
A few different friends had asked me if I'd heard of roller derby and were surprised when I said hadn't. They thought it'd be right up my alley, so I did some digging online and fell a little bit in love. When I found out Bath didn't have a league, I teamed up with some other forlorn derby wannabes and helped to found Bath Roller Derby!

Describe Your Roller Derby Career So Far
Slow and steady! Before upgrading my wheels, I struggled with speed on track and it took me a little while to get to grips with the tactical elements of the sport. Tearing my MCL back in December meant I was off skates for a frustrating two months, but I used this time to swot up, watch loads of online footage and even bench manage a few scrims. Tactical deficit conquered! Played plenty of closed doors, one mixed public bout and excited to have some public games with Bath lined up. Next step; face down my jamming demons...

What's Your Skate Set Up?
Good ol' Riedell R3s. Staggered set up of slim Atom Poisons and Low Boys; lush but mildly extreme mix of grippy and slippy. Rx toe stops. Scabs. Sisu. The prettiest Triple8 helmet ever.

Who's Your Derby Idol?
I have a huge amount of respect for Buccaneer Betty Fear (Severn Roller Torrent). Not only is she a brilliant skater, but she's a kick ass coach and has an awesome way with words. SRT are clearly destined for great things and it's blatantly because of skaters like Fear, who seem to put everything they have into their league. I'm all about that. Go Fear.

Sum up Bath Roller Derby Girls in 5 words
The sisters I never had.

Fun Fact About You
I am called Cat. My dog is called Mouse. I didn't make the connection / realise how silly that sounds until she'd learnt her name...

Player Award 2013
The Mary Poppins Award For Shit Hot Organisation And Perpetual Cheeriness.

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