Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Player Spotlight: Dwayne 'The Block' Johnson

Skate Name
Dwayne 'The Block' Johnson

Skate Number

Why Did You Start Roller Derby?
I'd heard about derby and desperately wanted to try it. After waiting what felt like ages I saw in the local paper that Bath had a team and were looking for new skaters.

Describe Your Roller Derby Career So Far
Started skating early 2012, Fresh Meat in June, passed my minimum skills in Jan and have played in a couple of scrims and was on the winning side in my first public mixed scrim last week!

What's Your Skate Set Up?
Suregrip Rebel Avengers with DA45 trucks. Need to sort my wheels out next! Smiths Scabs pads. 

Who's Your Derby Idol?
Tess Robinson from BRD, now LRG. I wish my hips moved like hers! 

Sum up Bath Roller Derby Girls in 5 words
Supportive, friendly, most awesome decision.

Fun Fact About You
I used to fly gliders and have flown solo (completely by myself!) both myself and the glider were unscathed! 

Player Award 2013
Best Booty Blocker In The Business

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