Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Player Spotlight: S’Mac Down Angel

Skate Name
S’Mac Down Angel

Skate Number

Why Did You Start Roller Derby?
I skated a lot as a kid as was always a relatively confident skater. Since quitting football three years ago (bad knees) I really missed the team involvement and being part of a competitive contact sport. I randomly got introduced to Derby and knew immediately it was going to suit me..... fast, aggressive, team based, athletic and more kind to the knees. Within 24 hours I had the full set of safety gear, coupled with my 20 year old boots. Ha.

Describe Your Roller Derby Career So Far
Within 3 weeks of being in the league team I'd played 6 bouts (with Bath, also subbing in to help make up numbers for the Devon Clotted Screamers!) I was loving it... until I played bull dogs one night at a roller disco and broke and dislocated my ankle.  One 6 inch plate and 6 screws later, I had months ahead of me before wearing skates again. I was heart broken! But I'm smiling more now, as I'm just getting used to skates again and hope to be back to contact derby within a couple of weeks.

What's Your Skate Set Up?
Well, I fell out of love with my old skates (Riedell Vixens) since breaking my ankle, so sold them.  I'm currently using fellow skater Steg's old skates, but I have a top notch pair on order which occasionally leaves me sleepless with excitement..... Antik AR1s, Arius plates, Boneless Ceramic bearings, Heartless wheels.

Who's Your Derby Idol?
Michelle Steilen (BonesBearings) I’ve watched her stunts a million times on you tube. She's amazing and totally fearless (and beautiful....bitch haha!)

Sum up Bath Roller Derby Girls in 5 words
Family, supportive, skilled, competitive, AWESOME! 

Fun Fact About You
1) I was born with no sense of smell. 
2) I will never play bull dogs on skates again!

Player Award 2013
Best Signature Move (The JCB)

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