Saturday, 22 March 2014

Player Spotlight: Mad Math

Skate Name
Mad Math

Skate Number

Why Did You Start Roller Derby?
I watched Whip It and fell in love with the idea of a female sport where you can strap on skates and hit people. Speed and aggression - how could I not love it?! I also decided it was a perfect way for me to beat my fears of large groups of people, touching strangers and new places.

Describe Your Roller Derby Career So Far
 A continuous roller coaster ride that I am finally used to. I went from being obsessed, to getting injured and resenting all things derby, then to getting back on wheels having learnt that derby is not the be-all-and-end-all, soul saving thing that I thought it was.

What's Your Skate Set Up?
Antik AR1s, Heartless wheels, Mag. Avenger plate and Moonwalker toestops.

Who's Your Derby Idol?
Judge Redd at Tiger Bay Brawlers. She dislocated her knee and still looked badass with a walking stick. Her resilience in the face of injury is impressive.

Sum up Bath Roller Derby Girls in 5 words
Welcoming, friendly, spreadsheet-loving organisational goddesses.

Fun Fact About You
I'm in my final year of a PhD on the fluid mechanics of aeroplane engines!

Player Award 2013
The Eye Of The Tiger Award For Unwavering Get-Back-To-Derby Dedication

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