Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Success & Limericks! The First BRDG Pub Quiz...

A full house for the first BRDG Pub Quiz...
A huge thank you to everyone who turned up for the first BRDG Pub Quiz fundraiser - it was a massive success! We packed out our spiritual home, The Hobgoblin, and Quizmeistress Hell Cat (that's me!) put everyone through their paces; 6 rounds of questioning, picture rounds plus a creative challenge for a bonus!

The evening went so well that we're considering making it a regular event - so don't worry if you missed out, we'll be back soon.

We were raising money for our upcoming insurance renewal. Now that we're getting up to bouting level, we'd love to put on some live roller derby for the folks of Bath, and to do this, we'll need increased public liability insurance - which this quiz will help us afford!

One of the challenges facing the teams was to writing their own roller derby limericks - they were so awesome, I've been asked to post them here - enjoy!

Prizes! BRDG Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes & Babycham!
Bath Roller Derby Limericks...

A young derby player from Bath
Enjoyed the occasional half.
She put on her skates,
And rolled out the gate,
Then she feel in a heap on the path.

The was a young lassie from Fife,
And Roller Derby was her life.
She put on her skates
And made loads of mates,
And married her sweet Derby wife!

There was a team from Bath
Who didn't do skating by half.
They went hard or went home.
They'd broken some bone,
But they always had a good laugh.

Hell Cat leads the questioning...

There once was a young derby team,
Who had an elaborate scheme.
To raise lots of money,
They thought it was funny
To cover themselves in whipped cream.

(Next limerick to be read in a West Country accent!)

The thought of derby skating'
Gets my excitement inflatin'
You fall to the floor
And get hit 'til you're sore
Then ref calls "insubordinatin'!"

There once were some ladies from Bath,
Who fancied a jolly good laugh,
They upgraded their wheels
With yellows and teals
And kicked the other team's arse!

There once was a Bath Derby crew
Who made all the local boys coo
They lads would all stammer
To hip check their jammer,
But a leg whip would just have to do

A woman who came here from Stroud
Said "I don't see why you're all so proud!
It's just rugby on skates,
But you do look so great
Going round and around and around!"

Watch this space for details of the next BRDG pub quiz!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

BRDG Send Cancer To The Bench...

After a Saturday of epic proportions (our very own Wheelia Smith's derby hen do, involving the awesome Bristol June Double Header, bowling, karaoke and enough cider to fell a Wurzel) an elite squad of Bath Roller Derby Girls shook off their not insignificant hangovers and headed out to run the Race For Life 5km.

With over 2,500 women running, there was an incredible atmosphere, huge support and all round general good vibes as we covered the distance; a determined speck of yellow in a sea of pink t-shirts and tutus. The endurance drills have clearly been paying off as we all made really good time - and even got a name check from the race announcers, Heart FM, as we passed over the finish line!

Cancer is the worst.

Race For Life raises money for all kinds of cancer research, but just to put things in context, 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer during their lives. Statistically, that's 3 of our team - which is frankly unthinkable. Help us double-team shoulder check cancer so hard that it limps off to the changing rooms and never, ever comes back. Donate to our fundraising page here. Thank you.

Words: Hell Cat
Photo: Lazy Susan

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Get Quizical with Bath Roller Derby Girls!

In less than a year BRDG have gone from being but a sparkle in their founders' eyes to a fully fledged Roller Derby league, with a sold out Fresh Meat course and almost 50 regular skaters.

The next stage: public bouting! We want to bring Bath the very best in live roller derby - but full contact sport + public bouting = massive insurance bill...
So... support your local roller derby team! Join us at the first of many BRDG fundraisers, a pub quiz at our beloved Hobgoblin :D

It's a general knowledge quiz and open to everyone (although we can't guarantee that we won't slip one or two derby questions in there!) Prizes for the best teams, names, attitudes etc!

£3 per person to enter, max team of 6.
7.30pm kick off (late-comers will face the wrath of our best blockers.)
The Hobgoblin, 47 St James Parade, Bath
It's a Monday night so we promise we won't let things run too late ;)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tiger Bay Brawlers Bootcamp

Wheelia Smith: "Oh my god, this is like, the derby equivalent of David Beckham coming to coach…"

A big week for Bath Roller Derby Girls! With a brand new intake of Fresh Meat starting and our second ever scrimmage on the horizon, we thought we'd get some derby mojo behind us. What better way than a Saturday bootcamp with Tiger Bay Brawlers' Kid Block and Boba Fettish?

Having seen the damage that Cardiff's top team recently did in the European Skate Odyssey tournament (and at least half of us totally fan-girling at their combined mad skills), we were excited to learn as much as we could cram in. And it was a LOT! Kid and Boba gave us an invaluable session of skills, drills and training tips that will push our gameplay to new places… full heads and sore legs have never felt so good!

A massive thank you to the lovely Kid Block and Boba Fettish, and also to Tiger Bay Brawlers for letting us borrow them for an excellent day of bootcamp greatness.

Photo: Xixi Stomp
Words: Steg