Monday, 5 August 2013

Do You Remember The First Time? Bath Roller Derby Girls Vs. Devon Clotted Screamers!

A long overdue post to record our first ever closed door bout with the very lovely Devon Clotted Screamers! Having travelled to Barnstaple for some shared training and scrimming earlier in the year, we were really happy to have the chance to repay some of the Screamers' amazing hospitality and play them on home turf. On July 14th they braved the heatwave and M5 holiday traffic to join us at Withywood.

It was a fast-paced, fun few hours, with both teams sending out very eager rosters. It was clear how much work both teams had put in over the few months since we'd last played together, with a huge improvement in everyone's tactical game play especially noticeable. After a few scrappy first jams, both teams seemed to find their stride and level out, continuing to push each other and keep the pressure on until the final whistle(s). Lots of love to all who reffed and NSO'ed (lots of first timers!) - and special thanks to XiXi Stomp for sorting our line ups, and MatLovin for being our first ever Bench Coach (we promise to do some listening drills in the coming weeks!)

Lou Boot'in takes a corner (Pic Credit - David Payne)

Wheelia Smith comes up against a strong Screamer defence... (Pic Credit - David Payne)

Wheelia making it through with a little help from Hardcore Blondage, Steg O'Saur and Scarlet O'Harma (Pic Credit - David Payne)

Hadouken! (Pic Credit - David Payne)

After a super sweaty couple of hours, we de-padded, wrung out our hair and headed outside to cool off and decide on who to award our bout certificates to. We also gave out some special BRDG goodie bags to thank the Screamers for coming so far to play us; stickers, badges, chewing gum, popping candy and some neon sticking plasters, just in case ;)

Goodie Bags! (Pic Credit - Hell Cat)

Next up; group photo and certificates! Deciding on MVP, Best Blocker and Jammer was tough, but luckily we had some customised cupcakes as brain fuel... In the end awards went to;

MVP Bath - Foxy Hard Knox 
Best Blocker Bath - Hardcore Blondage
Best Jammer Bath - Kerri Kon Karnage

MVP Screamers - Rolls Moyse
Best Blocker Screamers - Whippety Split
Best Jammer Screamers - Becky Spaghetti

Pleasing team kit colours coordination! (Pic Credit - David Payne)

After the prize giving, both teams hoped into oven-like cars to drive all over Bristol looking for a picnic spot (which Hell Cat had been assured was very easy to find!) What felt like several hours later (waaah, sorry again guys!) we finally found Leigh Woods, where we proceeded to demolish indecent amounts of Jaffa Cakes. Perfect end to an awesome day.

Mythical picnic spot! (Pic Credit - Hell Cat)

Thanks again for coming to play us Screamers - we couldn't have lost our bouting cherry to nicer girls!  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon :)

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