Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bath's Been Busy!

It was a busy weekend for Bath Roller Derby! Sunday saw several of our league players shipped out to various scrims and bouts - we had a blast playing with other teams!

First up, Steg O'Soar, Scarlett O'Harma, Smasha Cake and TinkerHell headed off to Cheltenham for the Severn Roller Torrent Vs. Central City Roller Girls Slaybelles bout, to play in the opening mixed bout: Dinosaurs vs. Unicorns! This was the intrepid foursome's first ever public bout (and Tink's first bout full stop!) Safe to say our resident dino-lover and venerable captain, Steg, had been waiting her whole life for this moment (as was perhaps evident from her bout program photo!)

The bout was an epic showcase of mytho-legendary proportions, with TinkerHell and Scarlett O'Harma skating for Team Unicorn, and Smasha Cake and Steg O'Soar rolling for the Dinosaurs. With an array of impressive moves from both teams, it's no surprise that the crowd was baying for more magical bloodshed; but after a thrilling clash of fantastical titans, Dinosaurs clawed their way to victory with a final score of 214-122.

Let's get mythical... (Pic credit - Rebecca Timms)

Not to be outshone, our very own Scarlett (subbing in for the injured Shock & Awedrey) was awarded the 'Derby Crush' award for her glittering performance on track - congratulations Scarlett! (and here hoping the real Shock & Awedrey is fighting fit and back on skates soon!)

Damn right she's your derby crush <3 (Pic credit - Pete Florey MDP Images)

Meanwhile, over in Bristol, Hell Cat, Lazy Susan and a last minute Tan Grenade were incredibly excited to be part of the Bristol Roller Derby Harry Potter Graduate Scrimmage! The girls played in both of the spell-binding 30 minute scrims - one of which was their first ever foray into the world of co-ed derby - and loved every second. Skating first for Ravenclaw and then Hufflepuff, they chalked up one defeat (to a bewitching Slytherin) and one magical last minute win (against Gryffindor)- with a lot of time out on the track and only a couple of spells in "detention" (penalty box!) between them ;)

We have a ton of respect for the amazingness of Bristol Roller Derby, and getting to be a part of this afternoon, especially sharing the excitement as Fresh Meat underwent their Sorting Hat ceremony to be allocated to their new league team, was a real honour. From the cake pops and ref costumes to the house banners hanging on the wall and the Diagon Alley themed merch stall - it was clear how much work had gone into making the day really special for the Fresh Meat, who'd obviously been putting heaps of effort into passing their Minimum Spells too. 10 points to BRD!

Lazy Susan, Hell Cat & Tan Grenade - knackered, post-scrim sweaty Betties!

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