Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Get Quizical with Bath Roller Derby Girls!

In less than a year BRDG have gone from being but a sparkle in their founders' eyes to a fully fledged Roller Derby league, with a sold out Fresh Meat course and almost 50 regular skaters.

The next stage: public bouting! We want to bring Bath the very best in live roller derby - but full contact sport + public bouting = massive insurance bill...
So... support your local roller derby team! Join us at the first of many BRDG fundraisers, a pub quiz at our beloved Hobgoblin :D

It's a general knowledge quiz and open to everyone (although we can't guarantee that we won't slip one or two derby questions in there!) Prizes for the best teams, names, attitudes etc!

£3 per person to enter, max team of 6.
7.30pm kick off (late-comers will face the wrath of our best blockers.)
The Hobgoblin, 47 St James Parade, Bath
It's a Monday night so we promise we won't let things run too late ;)

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