Wednesday, 19 June 2013

BRDG Send Cancer To The Bench...

After a Saturday of epic proportions (our very own Wheelia Smith's derby hen do, involving the awesome Bristol June Double Header, bowling, karaoke and enough cider to fell a Wurzel) an elite squad of Bath Roller Derby Girls shook off their not insignificant hangovers and headed out to run the Race For Life 5km.

With over 2,500 women running, there was an incredible atmosphere, huge support and all round general good vibes as we covered the distance; a determined speck of yellow in a sea of pink t-shirts and tutus. The endurance drills have clearly been paying off as we all made really good time - and even got a name check from the race announcers, Heart FM, as we passed over the finish line!

Cancer is the worst.

Race For Life raises money for all kinds of cancer research, but just to put things in context, 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer during their lives. Statistically, that's 3 of our team - which is frankly unthinkable. Help us double-team shoulder check cancer so hard that it limps off to the changing rooms and never, ever comes back. Donate to our fundraising page here. Thank you.

Words: Hell Cat
Photo: Lazy Susan

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