Tuesday, 29 October 2013

BRDG Sept / Oct Highlights!

It's been a busy couple of months for Bath. Here are some highlights...

We Got A Home In Bath!

Hall sweet hall...

After a year of searching, we finally found a Bath home for Bath Roller Derby! No more trips to Tro Bo! We're delighted to announce that we'll now be regularly skating at Beechen Cliff School twice a week.

Guest Coaching From Kid Block & Kevin

Kid Block (l) & Kevin (r)

BRDG were lucky enough to have two awesome guest coach sessions; an awesome session learning how to booty pop with the powerhouse that is Kid Block and a V-wall / recycling masterclass with the Harbour Harlot's Kevin. We learned so much from both of them and massively appreciated them taking the time to travel to train with us!

Track To The Future

Biff wins again!

This already got it's own post - but a big thanks again to Hereford Horror Bulls for throwing an awesome cherry popper! The Bath girls who played had a great time, and can't wait to play to a crowd again :)

Our Fresh Meat Graduated!

Not so fresh Freshies!

September marked the end of our 10 week Fresh Meat course! Our first ever batch of new recruits all graduated with flying colours (mainly yellow tbf) as we knew they would, thanks to the continued effort and awesomesauce of Rosie Hardcore Blondage. It's a pleasure to be skating regularly together now as a full league :) Watch this space for details of our next intake!

Bristol Rookies Vs Bath Roller Derby

Neeeeeeighbours <3

We had a great time playing Bristol rookies in a friendly scrim! We fielded some of our newly graduated Fresh Meat and they really stepped up. Smac Down Angel in particular deserves a special mention for busting out what will now be forever known as her signature move; the JCB. Can't wait to play Bristol again!

Bourne Bombshells Vs Bath Roller Derby

Smile like you mean it...

Bourne Bombshells B Team spent a weekend in the wild, wild West Country and stopped by to play us the day after taking on Bristol Harbour Harlots B's. We were hoping that a night on the local scrumpy might have hindered their performance, but like true athletes, they had abstained and fielded a very strong side. We have much to learn regarding these Jedi Master levels of self control. We also have major kit envy. A big thanks to the Devon Clotted Screamers for lending us the awesome Kimi Krusher and Rolls Moyse - who did some ace blocking together during power jams!

We Have Refs!

The Nandy Man Can (send you off now.)

We're chuffed to bits to announce that BRDG now has their very own herd of three regular, super great zebras! Poor guys probably thought they'd get to play some derby at some point, but now we've got them in stripes there will be no let up! Welcome on board Nan-imosity, Safety Barry-er and Ghengis Harm :)

BRDG Birthdays!

Engagement Pic! New derby wives Thumpkins & Scarlett...

This month had more than the usual share of BRDG birthdays, including those of Smashing Thumpkins, Scarlett O'Harma, Tan Grenade and Tinker Hell. Celebrations included sparkly roller disco fun and a night of superhero alter egos (as if our derby alter egos weren't enough to contend with.)

Oxford Mixed Scrim

Wheels Of Gory, we're coming for you! (Well, technically, you're coming to us, but... grrrr etc!)

Hosted by Wheels of Gory (who we are playing in a couple of months) six of our girls headed to join another 30 or so skaters from leagues across the UK in a mixed scrim. Lazy Susan, Scarlett O'Harma, Smac Down Angel, Tinker Hell, Trevlock Holmes and Smashing Thumpkins all did us proud and spread the BRDG yellow fever!

Devon Clotted Screamers Vs SRT B's

Temporary Screamers!

After pinching Kimi and Moyse for our Bristol scrim, we returned the favour by loaning four of our skaters to the Devon Clotted Screamers in their scrim with Severn Roller Torrent B's in Gloucester. Since playing them earlier in the summer, the BRDG girls were eager for another encounter and enjoyed a hard-fought and hugely enjoyable game.

Coming Up...

+ BRDG Halloween Scrimmage!
+ BRDG Pub Quiz Fundraiser - Hob Goblin Bath, 7.30pm 5th Nov
+ Details of our new Fresh Meat intake...
+ BRDG Christmas Roast Potato Party / Mince Pie Hangovers

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