Friday, 10 May 2013

The Best Vests in the West

At some point, we were gonna need to get ourselves all dolled up in some matching gear and make ourselves look like a team. In other words, we needed a KIT! We had the awesome logo, the colour to choose the ultimate colour combination! With various ideas thrown around: blue tops? yellow socks? blue shorts? yellow leggings (well, those didn't go down so well) we decided to go with the combo which would make us least resemble Bananaman.

Combination chosen (yellow tops with our teal logo), spreadsheet compiled, off went our order to Roller Derby City. One bank holiday weekend later and...voila!

Excitement ensued when the folk at Roller Derby City posted a sneaky preview of our tops in the making on their facebook page. Then followed more hysteria when RDC posted an image of our very own Smashing Thumpkins' new scrim top as their Name of the Day online!

Enough teasing already!! We wanted our tops in the flesh! And sure enough our eagerly awaited tops winged their way to us just in time for our first ever scrimmage against the Devon Clotted Screamers. But more on that to follow...

Words: Lazy Susan
Photos: Roller Derby City

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  1. I saw your love for Petra this weekend in Bristol, and I just loved your vest! - well done grrrlzzz