Thursday, 10 January 2013


After an advertising push and a lot of persuading friends to come along, we turned up at the Cheese and Grain on Tuesday evening with high hopes. We had forms, stickers, badges and spare kit all ready to go.

By 8pm we had 16 new faces who, after filling in a few forms, got kitted up and had the chance to try out some skating. The current BRDG’s did a short demo followed by a brief welcome and derby intro chat before helping people with their skating and teaching them a few derby skills.

Everyone enjoyed being put through their paces – trying out some knee slids, ploughs and sticky skating. There was lots of laugher and fun had by all.

We concluded by going for a drink at the pub. Was great to see all the newbies and can’t wait to see you on Sunday at Corsham.

Interested in trying out Roller Derby with us? Get in touch! We're always happy to hear from you - head over to our Facebook Page :)

Words: Nikalicious Vicious
Photos: Jenna-Alicia Yhearm

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